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How Eco-Friendly Houses can reshape our earth?

what is ecofriendly house?

Have you ever thought about whether the house where you’re living is suitable for our environment, is it eco-friendly? Our choices, the appliances that we use in our house, the behavior patterns that we adopt in our daily life such as using electricity, using water, and the way we create waste Can severely affect our environment. In this article, we are going to learn to make our home or existing home sustainable. We will learn how to create a sustainable house, and even if you live in a regular house. Certain changes can help you to adopt an environmentally friendly lifestyle.

What is an eco-friendly house?

When we talk about eco-friendly houses, it means it has almost no impact on our environment. Which is accompanied by an energy-efficient system, water conservation, focused on greenery, and provides a healthier life. The approach of eco-friendly houses means no harm to our environment from its construction to its final stage.

Impact of our traditional house on the environment 

The impact of our traditional houses depends on many things, which directly and indirectly impact the environment-

    1. Material – In the construction of our traditional houses, we often use renewal or non-renewal materials like stone, wood, cement, etc. among them cement plays a major role in carbon emissions.

    1. Lack of energy efficiency-Our traditional home consume a lot of energy as compared to eco-friendly house which increases your expenses and excess energy consumption affects our environment.

    1. Water consumption- we do not have a water conservation system in our traditional houses, which leads to the wastage of huge water. When we wash clothes and do other activities, a lot of water comes out from them and becomes waste due to the lack of a reuse mechanism.

what is the role of ecofriendly house to reduce carbon emission?

What are the benefits of an eco-friendly house?

    • Eco friendly houses are made with energy efficient technique and system which will save your monthly energy bill.

    • The eco-friendly houses seems expensive at first, but in long run it will save your money and provide sustainable living.

    • Most of the eco-friendly houses pay attention to save rain water to reduce the dependency on regular water, which save water bill and get rid of water scarcity.

    • On an average, US households emit 7.5 tons of carbon dioxide, eco-friendly house can be a really helpful to reduce carbon emission.

    • As global warming and climate change are at their peak, our step towards eco-friendly house can have a beneficial approach in long run to mitigate carbon footprint.

Types of eco-friendly houses

There are many types of eco-friendly houses, lets know about them:-

1)Solar panel home 2) prefab home 3) Earth sheltered houses 4) Earth ship home 5) Rammed earth home 6) Airtight house 7) Natural light home 8) Living wall home 9) Green roof home 10) Zero carbon house

zero carbon home

solar panel home

Rammed earth home

prefabricated house

natural light house

living wall ecofriendly house

green roof ecofriendly house

earth sheltered ecofriendly house

air tight house

In conclusion, I would like to say that building a sustainable house might be a little expensive in the beginning but in the long run, it is a win-win deal. It is a better option to save our environment and improve our lifestyle. It will not only teach us a new way of living but also set an example for our future generations, which is quite fruitful.

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