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10 easy energy-saving tips to make an energy-efficient home

how to reduce electricity consumption?

Expenditure on energy bills plays a major role in our monthly budgeting. How it will be, if doing some small changes in your appliances and your habits can make a difference to your energy bill, so read this article to bring changes in your monthly bill. It will not only save you money but also help to reduce your carbon footprint.

1.Energy Assessment of Home

Before upgrading or changing any appliances, you need to find out where energy is losing too much or where we genuinely need changes. For this, you can do a self-energy assessment, or you can hire a professional.

2.Use energy-efficient appliances

If you want to save energy after the energy assessment you need to focus on your appliances, any kind of inefficient appliance can increase your energy consumption so you need to choose wisely by checking the star labels of appliances which is a kind of certification of being energy efficient, administered by the US environmental protection agency.

3.Install a programmable thermostat

You probably know that almost 45%-50% of energy is consumed by our heating and cooling system. If you’re able to control it, then you can save a lot of energy. That is possible by installing a programmable thermostat. We can increase or decrease temperature according to our needs, or we can program it to increase temperature in the morning and turn it off automatically when there is no one in the home. By doing so, you can save unnecessary energy loss.

4.Seal leak 

Sealing of small holes present in doors and windows is a small but very effective measure to save energy which stops the escaping of hot air from inside the room and does not allow cold air into the room.

5.Installation of energy-efficient windows

Installation of energy-efficient windows will be a good choice. Which does not allow hot or cold air to escape from the house. You need to check the U factor while buying it, low U factor means more insulation and more energy efficiency.

top 10 tips to save energy.

6.Unplug electronic devices

You won’t believe even your switched-off device can drain energy, so make a habit of unplugging unused devices like mobile chargers, computers, cable boxes, or other appliances that you don’t use frequently. 

7.Energy-efficient water heater

Probably you don’t know that almost 18% of energy is consumed only by water heaters, therefore it is very crucial to choose an energy-efficient water heater. You need to check for higher UEF (uniform energy factor) while buying water heaters, higher UEF means more energy efficiency. There are various options to buy water heaters in the market, but here are some of the best water heater types that you can buy.

Energy-efficient water heater type

  1. Heat pump water heater
  2. Solar water heater 
  3. Tankless water heater 

8.Use LED bulbs

If you are using LED bulbs then you’re saving 80% of your lighting cost, LED bulbs consume very little energy and long long-lasting eventually you will save replacement costs as well.

9. Install solar panels and Plant shade trees

If you want to have cost-effective and clean energy, then you can install solar panels instead, depending on grid lighting according to your budget. Planting trees strategically can have fruitful results, which provide shade and work as a natural cooler and give you fresh air.

10. Our behavior

I think this is one crucial point that needs to pay a lot of attention, as most often we intentionally or unintentionally leave our appliances turned on, and this behavior eventually increases our energy costs. Therefore, we need to educate each family member to save energy, changing our small habits can have a very beneficial result towards the energy-saving approach.

Ultimately, adopting these 10 energy-saving tips not only saves your expenses but also helps to reduce the carbon footprint, hence our small changes can make a huge difference in the future.

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