Eco Gardening

Green Gardening: How to Create an Eco-Friendly Garden at Home

Eco gardening

Preparing a green garden at home is a great idea. It will not only benefit the environment but also make your premises healthier and beautiful. In this article you are going to get practical tips so that you can create a better sustainable garden. If you want to create a garden from scratch, then it is very important to keep some points in mind and plan accordingly so that you can create a better sustainable garden.

1.Know your space

Firstly, you need to find out how much space you have. Generally, we have very little space in urban areas, so we have to plan accordingly. First, evaluate the space like a balcony, rooftop, courtyard, or small backyard, where you want to set up your garden, and how much space can be given for the garden, accordingly you can arrange the container and other required things and keep in mind there should be a good exposure to sunlight.

know your space

2.Know your priority

You have to decide what type of gardening you want to set up , whether you want to grow vegetables or want lush greenery with beautiful flowers. You’ll have to collect soil, and fertilizer accordingly so that your plant can grow well.

climate condition for gardening

3.know your climate and soil

It is very important to know the local climate for any plantation so that you can grow a native plant that needs less water and maintenance, and check the pH (indication of the acidity and alkalinity of soil) and nutrient level of the soil you are using and if any improvement is needed, then you can improve it. You can increase the quality of soil by using organic compost and natural fertilizers.

4.Choose plant wisely

You should choose the native plant so that you have to put in less effort and which needs less water, your garden should have a variety of plants, it will attract many insects and pollinators which increases biodiversity. Apart from this, you can include different herbs, vegetables and fruit plants to create a functional and sustainable garden.

5.Adopt water-saving technique

As you are setting up a sustainable garden, you need to take care of water conservation and try to save water as much as possible, especially in water shortage areas. you can adopt a drip irrigation system, or use a self-watering container. You can collect rainwater in the barrel to reduce dependence on other sources of water. This will allow you to use rainwater properly and can save water coming from regular sources. You can use mulch on the plant because it maintains moisture, and the water does not evaporate quickly.

rain water collecting

6.Monitoring your garden

For a better result the garden needs regular maintenance and monitoring to control pests and diseases that can spread over plants. You should avoid using any regular chemical or pest control to protect other insects, instead you can use natural pest control.

sustainable gardening using car tires

7. Adopt a Sustainable Approach

We should adopt a sustainable approach as much as possible. There are a lot of things you can do like bringing recycled items into use to make garden beds, pathways, and decorative elements. If your garden is in a backyard or large area, then you can lay gravel and permeable pavers on the surface to prevent runoff of rainwater and that will create a better drainage system. create habitat areas for birds, bees, and butterflies which will give a wonderful feeling.


8. Maintenance

garden maintaining

To keep the garden intact, it needs regular maintenance such as regular watering, pruning, weeding, mulching, and composting to maintain the quality of the soil.

keeping all these things in mind, You can easily create a good sustainable garden only you need willpower, it will be a good investment that will improve the environment and our air quality, and eventually, it will improve your health, freshen up your life and helps you to connect with nature, So set up a beautiful garden today.


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